BYTE România, aprilie 1998

Communication Day

Programată pentru a două zi a expoziției (13 mai), Ziua Comunicațiilor va fi prezidată de dl. Eugen Preotu, președintele firmei Agnor High Tech. Programul este organizat pe mai multe secțiuni, fiecare constând din mai multe expuneri susținute de personalități din industrie și administrație.

I. Europe: one market for many

  • The liberalisation of telecom market in the EU and its impact on the Romanian market: government strategies before and after 1 January 1998
  • Consultancy for financing Romanian telecommunications infrastructures and telecoms projects

II. Exploring fixed and mobile networks convergence, integration substitution

  • Data transmission over GSM: today application and tomorrow's R&D efforts for achieving the higher speed needs: GPRS, HSCSD
  • Establishing the role of fixed IN in providing advanced Mobile Services
  • Integration of GSM / DCS 1800 - the advantage of building strategic alliances on local market
  • Wireless Internet / IAP - an attractive part of GSM functionality

III. Wireless Local Loop on Romanian Scene

  • Evaluating GSM, DCS, PSTN as a substitute to rural telephony
  • DECT and CDMA an Romanian market
  • Case study: Arad - WLL pilot project

IV. National Backbone for communications and its alternative infrastructures

  • The privatisation's process of the Romtelecom: current framework and time-scales; examining Romanian network transactions as a result of liberalisation and competition; understanding foreign investors progress world-wide and their intentions in Romania.
  • Kafos - undersea optical fiber systems
  • PMR alternatives: Tetra or Tetrapol
  • SHD choice for long distance services and international connections

V. Global Mobile Personal Communication by Satellite

  • Policy implication of convergence of telecoms, computers and broadcasting services
  • How do you ensure efficient use of spectrum for mobile communications?
  • Eutelsat's Digital Platform for multiplexing TV and multimedia services; adapting TDMA network

VI. Brainstorming Session: Strategy of IT&C companies to anticipate the migration to third generation systems

Printre invitați se vor afla reprezentanți de vârf din Ministerul Comunicațiilor, Comisia Națională de Informatică, Fondul Proprietății de Stat, Ministerul Finanțelor, Romtelecom, Poșta Română, Renel, Ministerul Transporturilor, SNCFR. De asemenea, vor fi prezenți manageri de la EBRD, ABM AMRO, ING Barrings, Coopers&Lybrand, Mobilrom, Mobifon, Global One, Bosch, Logic Telecom, Ericsson, Lucent, EMGS, Siemens, PTT Netherland, Alcatel, AND, RAR, IGC, Hughes, ProTV, Matra Marconi etc.

Conferințe CERF'98
Communication Day
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