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BYTE Romania is published by Computer Press Agora, a Romanian-German joint venture founded in 1995 by HotSoft S.R.L. and Weka Firmengruppe. For any specific information regarding the magazine, please contact the persons from the following table. For any information related to this web site contact

At this time, excepting this page the entire site is in Romanian. The original BYTE US articles do not appear on this site, to access them please visit

Contact persons

General Director: Romulus Maier
Executive Director: Adrian Pop 
Editorial Director: Mircea Sârbu
Editor in Chief: Darvas Attila 
Senior Editor: Daniel Moldovan
Editors: Mircea Sabau
Budai László
Associate Editor: Iosif Fettich
Layout Designer: Réman László 
Human Resources: Ingrid Maier
Marketing Manager: Gabriela Bucsa
Marketing: Annamaria Pascu
Mihaela Szabo
Mailing address in
Computer Press Agora SRL
Str. T. Vladimirescu 63/1
4300 Tg-Mures
Manager of the Office in Bucharest: Daniela Pastrama,
tel: +40-1-3309281
C.P. 94 O.P. 49 Bucuresti
Mailing address in Bucharest Computer Press Agora SRL
Str. Poterasi, nr.35, ap.2,Sect IV.
75144 Bucuresti
I.S.S.N.: 1223-9801
Printed by: S.C. Infopress S.A.,
Odorheiul Secuiesc,
Tel: 066-216483
Published by: Computer Press Agora SRL,
P.O Box. 230, O.P. 1,
4300 Tg-Mures
Phone: +40-65-166516
Fax: +40-65-166290
BBS: +40-65-210780
(8N1, 14400 bps, login: bbs)

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